What’s New


Prayer for Peace
Mellow Motion
Gum Drops
Gum Drops
Moom Beams
Moom Beams
Peggy in Pink
Peggy in Pink
Candy Hues
Candy Hues – Sold
Ladies of the Wood
Ladies of the Wood – Commissioned
Warrior II
Rose of Yore
Bohemian Rose
Best of Friends
Sinking Skyline
Sinking Skyline
City Pear
Country Pear
Heather in Bloom
Solstice: A Brief Moment
Youth to Old Age – Sold
Bird’s Eye View
Last One In!
Of Two Minds
Life Reflections – Sold
The Stars Look Very Different Today
The Stars Look Very Different Today
After the Storm
Wild Wave
Pals – Sold
Guiding Architecture – Sold
Coeurageous Hike – Sold
Cascade – Sold
New York Minute – Sold
Agate Sparkler
Quiet Path
Quiet Path
String of Pearls
Thinking “Bout a Scot
Table for Three
Keeping Watch Over Skye
Makalapua – Sold
Windows – Sold
Jurassic and Cretaceous Beauties
Peggy’s Palace – Sold
Harvest Moon
Pussy Willows #1


Pussy Willows #2
African Sky   


Sarsens and Bluestones – Sold
Birch Tartan
Breakers – Sold
Wuthering Avenue – Sold
My New Red Dress
Lucy’s Beach        
Oh Buoy!
Symphony for the Soul       
The Way Home – Sold
Harbinger of Winter – Sold

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