What’s New


Seaside Breeze


Peace Dove


Scent of Calm


Cup of Sunshine


Prayer for Peace


Cyan Pear


Crimson Pear


Lime Green Pear


Vermilion Pear


Northern Night


Sea Glass




Mellow Motion


Gum Drops
Gum Drops


Moom Beams
Moom Beams


Peggy in Pink
Peggy in Pink


Candy Hues
Candy Hues – Sold


Ladies of the Wood
Ladies of the Wood – Commissioned


Warrior II


Rose of Yore


Bohemian Rose


Best of Friends


Sinking Skyline
Sinking Skyline


City Pear


Country Pear




Heather in Bloom


Solstice: A Brief Moment


Youth to Old Age – Sold


Bird’s Eye View


Last One In!




Of Two Minds


Life Reflections – Sold


The Stars Look Very Different Today
The Stars Look Very Different Today


After the Storm


Wild Wave




Pals – Sold


Guiding Architecture – Sold


Coeurageous Hike – Sold


Cascade – Sold


New York Minute – Sold


Agate Sparkler


Quiet Path
Quiet Path


String of Pearls




Thinking “Bout a Scot


Table for Three


Keeping Watch Over Skye


Makalapua – Sold


Windows – Sold


Jurassic and Cretaceous Beauties


Peggy’s Palace – Sold


Harvest Moon
Pussy Willows #1


Pussy Willows #2
African Sky   


Sarsens and Bluestones – Sold


Birch Tartan
Breakers – Sold


Wuthering Avenue – Sold


My New Red Dress


Lucy’s Beach        




Oh Buoy!




Symphony for the Soul       


The Way Home – Sold


Harbinger of Winter – Sold

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