Terri McKeown is a self-taught artist who cherishes any and all time spent drawing, doodling, painting. When it comes to creating her works of (he)art, her favourite colour to use has always been: “All of them!”

Utilizing realist form, Terri primarily paints truthful landscapes but has also dabbled in abstract and semi-abstract work. Inspired by her love of the sea, the sky and other examples of natural beauty, her paintings evoke the movement and tranquility of places she’s visited and the special memories that fuel her imagination and creative expression.

Terri McKeown is a member of The Beaconsfield Artists Association and The Kirkland Artists Association.

 Painting is like breathing, it comes from within. I feel blessed every day to be able to find my peace from a paintbrush and extremely grateful when one of my paintings finds a new home.  





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